What businesses are we?

What do we do?

We operate in the field of mechanical engineering and naval repairs, overhauls of marine and industrial motors, pumps, generators …

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Why choose us?

Stability and continuity are guaranteed to Gisaco Srl continued growth of its ability and professionalism …

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About our company

The Gisaco Srl is a company operating in mechanical engineering and naval repairs. Its responsibilities concern the repair and overhaul of marine and industrial engines, pumps, generators and other machinery belonging to the most important construction companies, as well as the repair of cylinder heads, valve cages with stellite, construction and installation of seats for valves and construction of engine cylinder heads on samples or drawings.

The company specializes in the field of technical assistance marine engines and spare parts supply for engines and industrial combustion of European, Japanese and American construction. Also it operates in the naval field with line laser alignments of shafts, chockings, installation and removal of inverters, universal joints, seals shafts, bearings, bushings Hydrolubricated, couplings, naval propellers and accessories thanks to the considerable experience gained over several decades.

Salvatore Coppola,

Gisaco s.r.l.

Salvatore Coppola

Giovanni Coppola